Network Care

“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Dr. Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness. I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

Anthony Robbins – Peak Performance Coach and Best-selling Author, Unlimited Power

What is Network Spinal Analysis?

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Network Spinal Analysis is a series of gentle contacts on different areas of your spine. The main focus is to release stored tension in the spine and nervous system. The sequence of specific contacts acts very similarly to a combination lock. In order for the lock to open, the dial must specifically reach the exact numbers in the exact order specific to that lock.

How can Network help?

The contacts of a Network adjustment, or entrainment, help your bodycreate greater self-awareness so that you can gently release or dissipate your own spinal cord tension. As your tension resolves, your structural misalignments also largely resolve. Your nervous system’s memory is also allowed to clear past physical, emotional, chemical and mental traumas so your NOW can be experienced without the filter of old patterns. A clear nervous system allows you to express the magnitude of your potential!

Benefits Available Through Network Care

A recent retrospective study of 2,818 practice members receiving Network Care in the United States and around the world demonstrated that Network Care is associated with profound and statistically significant improvements in self-reported wellness areas. People reported changes in:

Physical Well-Being

  • Reduced pain (all areas of the body)
  • Improved spinal flexibility
  • More energy
  • Less fatigue
  • Better pain management (Chronic Issues)
  • Fewer cold and flu symptoms
  • Fewer headaches

Emotional and Psychological Well-Being

  • Less distress about physical pain
  • More positive feelings about self
  • Decreased moodiness
  • Fewer angry outbursts
  • More interest in life
  • Fewer concerns about “small” things
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved ability to stay on task

Life-Style Changes

  • More regular exercise
  • Practicing of Tai Chi/Yoga more often
  • Increase in meditation and prayer
  • More open to relaxation and self-hypnosis
  • More regular consumption of healthy food
  • Eating partial or total vegetarian
  • Decreased need for prescription medications

Life Enjoyment

  • Increased openness to guidance by inner feelings
  • Improved well-being and relaxation
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Greater openness when relating to others
  • Increased compassion for others


  • Overall improvement of health and well-being
  • Increased ability to cope with daily challenges
  • Improved family relationships
  • Improved significant relationships
  • Improvement in work performance

Quality of Life

  • Improvement of personal life
  • Greater self-awareness Increased ability to adapt with change
  • Improvement in handling life’s challenges
  • Greater overall contentment with life
  • Improved relationships with significant others
  • Improved romantic life
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Improvement in relationships with co-workers
  • Improved physical appearance