Here’s what our member say about our office:

“You really care. Most doctors just want to get you in and out.” Dwayne F.

“You actually care!” Robbin R.

“I love everything about it. Your personality, the office, the games you play, it’s a very well run office.” Sandy F.

“You take personal interest. When I started care you gave me your home phone number. I thought that was unique. You even invited me to your home for your holiday party.” Joyce H.

“The environment is great. It is a very relaxing, comforting place.” Kevin G.

“No more Advil! I noticed with each visit with Dr. Marc that layer upon layer of tension would lift off me. With less tension I felt so relaxed, like I never felt before. Most important, my heart had opened, like a flower blossoming.” Donna R.

My breathing has greatly improved. There has been a tremendous improvement in pain symptoms, causing less need for pain medication.” Vern P.

“My back and hip pain is almost completely gone. I can sit for movies, long plane and car trips. I can garden without being in pain for days afterwards.” Joyce H.

“I hardly ever experience tension headaches anymore! I no longer need massage treatment on a regular basis. I feel taller and my posture has improved significantly. I can breathe deeper, fuller breaths.” Caroline Z.

“I no longer use a cane after my first three months of care. I seldom, If ever, get headaches. I recover quicker from physical stress such as lifting, etc. I am now able to hike in the mountains, which was one of my major goals!” Ellen L.

“I rarely have headaches and if my shoulders or back flares up, the severity is far less and gone much quicker.” Betty B.

“It seems like I get better all the time. I am once again able to do my housework and yard work.” Edna J.

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