Dr. Wind’s Bio

Dr. Wind left the corporate life in New York behind in 1993 to fulfill his vision of helping people live more powerful lives.

His purpose is to be a “developer of human potential, through health, relationships and recreation.”

  • He serves a family practice, assisting people of all ages to reach their health goals and beyond.
  • He values your time and tries to schedule your visit the same day you call.
  • He listens to your needs and meets you where you are in your healing process.
  • Dr. Wind practices Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle technique that is enjoyed by millions worldwide.
  • Dr. Wind has completed all three levels of Network Certification.
  • Dr. Wind has been married for 28 years to his wife, Shari, and together they are raising three children, Harrison, Griffin and Jenna.

Dr. Marc has coached soccer and basketball for the last fifteen years to the youth of Boulder and is currently on the board of directors of FC Boulder.

My story

“For over 15 years, I suffered with severe low back pain. It limited my participation in sports, my social life and intimacy with my wife. I was not living my life the way I always thought possible. During this time I was receiving traditional chiropractic care, with fair results. I would feel better for short periods of time, until I again injured myself. I decided to become a chiropractor at this time and while in school discovered Network Spinal Analysis.

Shortly after receiving care, I my body began to release old patterns of stored tension. I could ride my bike, run and play golf without my low back seizing up on me, my breathing was easier, my posture was improving, and most importantly, I no longer felt the weight of the world on my shoulder. I was beginning to live the life I never thought possible!

As I felt my old world shifting, I felt an attraction to this technique because this seemed to be a gentle, effective way to provide care for anyone, regardless of age.”