This is a Disturbing Headline!

I am assuming that if you are reading my regular blogs, then you are a human being with feelings. There is not much that boils my blood these days than reading about unhealthy children. Why? Children are our future, and as a dad of three, the health of my children is the most important part of me.children

When I read the headline, “American kids are 70 percent more likely to die before adulthood than kids in other countries”, it made my blood boil. The article goes on to describe that a new study ranks 20 wealthy countries on childhood deaths. The US comes in last.

Does any of that make sense to you? Surely, the United States has the most technologically advanced medical system than any other country and it has the most educated and profient medical community than any country.

The article attributed the US first in childhood deaths to several factors, one being poverty levels, two being funding for kids health insurance being withheld from children, and the extreme high rate of children dying from gunshot wounds resulting from greater access to firearms.

Non-profit organization Safe Kids Worldwide in March 2013 estimated that children get into the wrong medicine or receive the wrong dose more than 500,000 times each year! What’s in play here is a trickle down effect: more drugs and medication being available for adults means more drugs and medication available for children. Whether children getting their hands on drugs and medication either by finding it by accident or being prescribed it from a medical profession, drugs and medication have no business being in the hands and mouths of our children.

Welcome to chiropractic, the world’s largest drug free health care system. Children under chiropractic care develop healthier immune systems, healthier Nervous Systems, and healthier ways of adapting to the accumulated physical, emotional and chemical stresses of life. That’s important because in an article in GMO Science, they state that the top 5 childhood illnesses are on the rise. Those illnesses are food allergies, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, neurodevelopment illness, and celiac disease. My goal is to do my best to change the headline, “American kids are 70 percent more likely to die before adulthood than kids in other rich countries” to a happier one, such as “Children under chiropractic care regain and maintain great health!”

It all begins with awareness. Awareness that a problem exists and that the answer is most likely different than the route that the US has taken to get there. So if you know a child who is not living the health that he or she deserves, please let their parents know that there is hope.


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