Stay Calm and Get Adjusted

A few weeks ago, a patient of mine was talking about a conversation she was having with her daughter, who is now six years old, and who has been an on and off patient of mine.

She told her daughter that she was going to get adjusted by Dr. Wind. Her daughter asked her, “Why aren’t I getting adjusted by Dr. Wind?” Her mom asked her why she wanted to get adjusted. She replied, “Because I FEEL SO CALM!” Emphasis on the calm. It wasn’t about muscle pain, it wasn’t about her shoulder tightness, it wasn’t about any symptom. It was about her desire to THRIVE in her world.stay calm

When she shared this with me, my first response was, “Let’s get her in here!” When I sat with the feeling from that conversation, I felt such humility and gratefulness. I was truly in awe of that little wonder. Her innate intelligence was speaking in its power.

She KNOWS that her Nervous System controls everything that happens in her little body.

She KNOWS that chiropractic care helps her adapt better to the various stresses she experiences on a daily basis.

She KNOWS that when she is functioning without the devastating effect of subluxations, her body works better, she is happier, and her innate power is allowing her to live her life at her potential.

When she came in for her visit, she ran in, jumped on the table, and then jumped off, hugged me, and ran off when her power was turned on! I am always amazed how little children seem to “know” more than adults. Everything they experience is through their innate intelligence, rather than their educated minds. How would our lives be different/better if we were to experience life through the eyes of a 6 year old?

Moral of the story? Stay Calm and get Adjusted or Get Adjusted and Stay Calm.

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