The Real Meaning Behind TMI

About a year ago, I was sharing a story with my son, who then said to me, “Dad, TMI.” I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I found out that TMI means “Too much information.” Ohhhhh, now I get it.

Then last week, after I was adjusted by my good friend, Dr. Jan Kirschner, he shared with me a talk he was going to give, titled “The information induced subluxation”. His talk is what we have been sharing with our patients for years, that there are several types of stresses or traumas that contribute to spinal subluxations, or Nervous System interference.stress

As we discussed this, we concluded that people most easily relate to subluxations induced by physical trauma: a car accident, repetitive movements such as computer use, excessive lifting or sitting, sports injuries, sleeping on an uncomfortable bed, and other similar stresses and traumas.

However, what about the subluxations caused by emotional stress? In the Network Spinal Analysis model, emotional stress is THE greatest contributor to the subluxation. We can look at real life examples such as deaths, divorce, job loss, relationships with children and parents and the effect they have on your Nervous System, but what about INFORMATION?

What about:

  • Dealing with the stress of pre and post election?
  • The everyday stress of the tension in the divide in our country?
  • The hate and conflict that is beginning to come to the surface and will surely rise exponentially?
  • The intoxicating lure of the screen, the media, the story, the fear, the sadness?

How successfully does your Nervous System adapt to this stress? I know and hear of many people who are NOT successfully adapting to this information. They haven’t bee the same since the election! This is THE critical time to strengthen your Nervous System. There is just TMI out there and it’s like the Oroville Dam, a small hole that water rushes through, and before you know it, the pressure makes the hole wider, the concrete breaks from the stress of the water rushing, and now the dam is in danger of collapsing and hundreds of thousands of people in the water’s path are forced to evacuate.

How much stress can your “dam” take before the concrete starts buckling and YOU collapse and you need to evacuate your life? Once again, this is THE critical time to regain and optimize your health and life. If I am preaching to the choir here, I congratulate you for your commitment to your health. Please share with someone who you know and care for.

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