Are you a Settler?

As my children will attest, I dislike watching TV commercials. I do not find them funny and I do not like to be sold to when I am watching a show. But behold, there is an exception! The Settlers, which is a series of Direct TV ads, somehow caught my attention. The kids want to switch to Direct TV but the dad is a “settler” and will stay with Cable and its shortcomings. Watch it HERE, I think they’re funny.settlers.jpg

The term “Settler” can be used in many occasions in life.

You may settle on a job or profession that you have no passion for.

You may settle in a relationship without the burning love that you seek.

You may settle on a place to live out of convenience or affordability.

You may make a decision to settle because the decision is not a high priority decision. If it’s a place to live, you may rationalize your decision because you’re busy and not really at your home other than to sleep and eat. You may rationalize settling on a job because you really need the money and this is just a stepping stone while you are in school or a bigger opportunity.


What happens when you settle on your health?

This is a dangerous agreement you are making with yourself.

Have you ever said, “These headaches are not really that bad. I only have them in the afternoon after I have not had enough for lunch.”


“My neck pain only happens when I am at the computer for a few hours. I’ll try to get up and walk around.”


“Getting 5 hours of sleep isn’t so bad. Many of my friends get less than that, and not only that but I’m doing pretty darn good on 5 hours!”


“At my age this is to be expected. It’s not so bad, it could be worse.”

How long are you going to continue to settle for less than the best for you? Don’t you deserve to function the best you can, to feel the best you can for AS LONG as you can? Countless patients on their first visit with me over the years have said, “After all, I’m 40.” or 50, or 60, or 80. Who says your health and life need to go downhill at 30, or 40, or 60, or 80? To make your health a priority and not settle, you need to set lofty health goals for yourself, figure out what action steps you need to take and with who, and DO IT, and keep doing it.

It’s easy to reach a goal such as eliminating pain, and then to say, “I’m done.” The choice is always yours, but are you settling? Are you settling for “Patch, not Fix” mentality? You are worth every dollar you spend on your health. You have one life to live, one spine, one Nervous System that needs to last your entire life. This is not the time to be a “Settler.”

Go for the Direct TV option. Don’t settle for cable.

Go for the healthiest option. Don’t settle for your health being ordinary.

Seek extraordinary!

If you have made the decision not to settle for your health, congratulation! Please think of someone you know who has made that decision to settle and share this with them.

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