As much as I enjoy my time off around the Holidays, I enjoy coming back to my office just as much. Why, you may ask? Not only do I love what I do, but I get to ask questions that enable my patients to think and put some really neat concepts

For example, I know many of my patients traveled to far away places over the Holidays to visit their family. For many people, traveling to far away places and visiting family are two causes of extreme stress. So, my questions to my patients may go something like this, “Now that you are healthier, what did you notice about yourself that was different than in the past”, or “How much better was it being around your family compared to the last time you were.”

I just love the awareness that my patients have developed regarding their improved health and ability to adapt to stress. Today, one of the answers I received was, “I just felt so much more relaxed with my family. I felt so much more centered. I was able to drop into a zone that served me better.” Another patient replied, “My body was not hurting at the end of the day. I felt so much more relaxed. This is different than how it has been in the past”

Who wouldn’t want that? I make it a point to let you know that this new way of adapting is essential to helping you transforming your life every day, in every situation. You may not be traveling across the country every week to visit your family, but you are experiencing relationships with your coworkers, your spouse, your children, your friends. You are encountering stresses that may activate your sympathetic Nervous System that may trigger old default patterns. You may be facing fears, anxiety, uncomfortably, insecurity, loneliness, and more.

As you continue to develop higher brain strategies to adapt to these stresses, all experiences in your life have the potential to look different than they do now. If you have a great story to share with me about “How much better your experience was,” please share it with me. Remember, you deserve all the great things that are happening to you!

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