Why do we need more of these?

Last week, I was traveling through Longmont, and I saw a large building under construction. I thought that is great for Longmont, and a testament to the development happening there. As I passed the location, I saw that it was a new Longmont Hospital being constructed.optimal-health

As I thought about the reasons why a new hospital being constructed, the question I kept asking myself was, if there is a need for a new hospital, what does that say about the health of the people in the community? According to my logic, if demand necessitates the financial expenditure of a new hospital, then that means there are more people in need of a hospital’s service. From that, I can deduce that more people are:

  • Diagnosed and treated for cancer
  • Developing diabetes
  • Developing heart disease
  • Becoming more dependent on prescription medication
  • Developing blood disorders
  • Becoming arthritic
  • Developing kidney failure
  • Experiencing digestive problems
  • Being diagnosed with headaches and migraines
  • Treated for spinal problems, such as degenerative disc disease

If more people are being diagnosed with these common ailments and diseases, what does it say about the direction of health? In my opinion, it means that overall health is declining. The construction of a hospital is designed to address this increasing need for “sickness care”, that is the indicative of a general declining rate of health in society. The procedures they will practice, whether it is drug prescription or surgery, are designed to reduce symptoms and keep a patient from a further declining health.

Is this the future that you aspire to? If you are not taking your health into your own hands, you are practicing what I call “hope and a prayer health.” Simply speaking, if you are not taking your health into your own hands, you will eventually give over control to someone (doctor, surgeon) or something (drugs, medication, surgery) else.

There are so many options for enhancing your health and life, this the THE best time in your life to start. I always go back to my basic five for enhancing your health and life.

  • Chiropractic care for enhancing Nervous System function
  • A proper diet, to properly alkalize your blood and body, and help keep your weight at a healthy range.
  • Regular exercise, to keep your joints limber, your heart healthy, and your body ready to adapt to the stress of your life.
  • The right amount of sleep for proper regeneration and recharging of your batteries.
  • A positive mental attitude

My experience is that if you constantly practice these foundations for optimal health, you will maximize your potential and be able to empower yourself with greater health and life.

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