It Seems so Easy, but is it?

These days it can be easy to lose sight of the good in your life. Throughout the last year in our country, divisiveness has been on the front page of our headlines and in our consciousness.


Sometimes it may be challenging to see the good in your life or in this world. As we approach the Holiday Season and Thanksgiving in particular, there is an opportunity to recognize the good in your life and in this world.

One powerful way to practice this is to practice the art of gratitude. How do you wake up every morning? Do you wake up, rush out of your house after your routine, and then go on with your day?

Or, do you start your day with gratitude? How do you do that, you ask? It’s easy. You wake up, open your eyes, and look around you. What do you see? -How about a house that you purchased, comfortable and cozy, with you’re your personal touches, filled with wonderful memories?

-How about the majestic mountains that sit right outside your window? The warmth of the sun? The glistening lake?

-What about your partner, your children, your parents who raised you and guided you?

-What about your friends, your coworkers, who keep you balanced and challenged?

-What about your health, and your decision to come to my office and regain your health?

-Listen to the music you love, how it moves you, motivates you, inspires you.

-How about the freedom you have, to travel where you want, to say what you want, to practice the religion you want?

-Walk outside and visit with nature. How awe inspiring is nature at all levels, whether it is a momma duck with her little ducklings in tow, birds flying free and effortlessly, a cow chewing on grass or your dog or cat curled at your feet.

My request for you is to begin each and every one of your days with gratitude. Develop a rhythm and a pattern. Make gratitude something you look forward to every day, and something that you carry with you all day.

My wish for you is that your practice of gratitude will help carry you through the darkest moments of your life and will raise you higher on the happier moments you experience during your life. After all, every day of your life is an experience wound within experiences. How you approach every segment of your life is based on the emotion you brought from the previous moment.

You have the power to show up however you want. You have the power to see the dark or the light of life. During this Holiday Season, why not begin a new practice, a practice of gratitude? After all, there’s very little to risk and a tremendous reward that awaits you.

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