What are you going to do?

For millions of people, the recent election was a constant and extreme stress on their health and life.  A study conducted by the APA found the 2016 election was “a very or somewhat significant source of stress” for 52 percent of American adults. As a result, many people are experiencing new levels of fear, anxiety, and depression without a successful way to move beyond that paralyzing state.election

If this describes what you are experiencing, there are many tips and suggestions floating around that may help you better adapt.

The American Psychological Association recommends coping tips:

-If the 24-hour news cycle of claims and counterclaims from the candidates is causing you stress, limit your media consumption.

-Turn off the news feed or take a digital break.

-Take some time for yourself, go for a walk, or spend time with friends and family doing things that you enjoy.

-Avoid getting into discussions about the election if you think they have the potential to escalate to conflict.

While these are worthy suggestions, I feel that this is a similar comparison to taking pain reliever for a headache or neck pain.  They address the symptom and not the cause. If those answers are not working for you, it is important to look at the system that controls everything that happens in your body, your Nervous System. Your Nervous System is constantly trying to adapt to all the physical and emotional stress you experience in your life. If your Nervous System is not functioning optimally, you may not be able to successful adapt to the stress you feel from the election and your ability to adapt and your health and quality of life will continue to suffer regardless if you have taken the above steps.

In addition, the goal of the Network care I offer helps you adapt better to stress. As your Nervous System corrects subluxations that have been caused by an overloading of stress, as a result you may be affected physically and/or emotionally. Many patients have told me just last week that they already feel they have been better able to adapt to the stress they had experienced during the election and post-election.

The longer you go about your life with a Nervous System that is functioning at a sub optimal level, the harder is will be to return to the health as you knew before. If you are already a patient who is committed to optimizing your Nervous System function, congratulations! If you know friends and family who are feeling challenged in their life due to the post-election stress, please share with them a better option.


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