Can you do it?

I love stories of people, especially ones that I know, overcoming adversity.

A few weeks ago, one of my patients told me a very uplifting story. Several years ago, he had prostate cancer, and after treatment, and having his PSA levels decrease, which is good, they started to rise again. He was concerned.goal

He decided to completely change his diet. He gave up red meat, sugary and starchy foods, and began eating a diet heavy in veggies, fruits, smoothies, and supplements. When he got his PSA tested again, it had begun to decline, and has continued to decline. I could tell he was super excited about having a strategy, action steps and a goal. He described to me in detail what he was eating and why; what supplements he was taking and why. He had obviously spent lots of time and energy researching his action steps. There was no accidents here.  As he got to the part about his PSA being tested again, I already knew what the outcome would be.

From my perspective, I get to experience healing “miracles” every day. The reason I put miracles in quotes is because most people would think this is a miracle. The truth is, your body is ALWAYS trying to heal itself. It’s just the things that we do to it that get in the way. The foods we eat, the activities we do, our mental state, the way we beat our bodies up and don’t bother listening to what it has to say.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to listen to your body. If you want to change something about it, its shape, its tone, its health, you must first have a strategy. Once you have the strategy or goal, the next critical step is to create the necessary action steps to support your goal. The first two steps take some work but the reality is, they are the easiest steps. THE most challenging step, the one that takes constant focus and repetition, is actually doing it!

Doing it requires you to look at this issue on a continuum. At one end of the continuum is the fear of not accomplishing your goal. At the far other end of the continuum is your desire for gain. Many times, people become engulfed by the fear of not accomplishing their goal. They may say, “it’s too much of a commitment.” My patient could have said, “I like my steak and even if I gave it up there is no proof it will help.”

Instead, his desire was to continue to live a healthier life, and NOT have this constant worry in the back of his mind. How often does this happen to you? The more inaction, the stronger the fear becomes. I may become paralyzing and prevent you from achieving your greatest success! It’s your conditioning playing out again and again.

I’m happy to share this wonderful story with you, and lessons in overcoming adversity are great tools to look at our own lives and create plans for accomplishing major goals in our own lives. I know it works for me. Just so you know, I am always there rooting you on. Just like I say to my kids, when they are faced with challenges, and are create a plan to help them reach their goals, “I’m your biggest cheerleader!”


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