What do you do AFTER you get out of the pool?

A week ago, my wife Shari and I went to Glenwood Springs Hot Springs. The Springs has been a family favorite for almost 20 years. Our family has spent many a weekend lounging in the pool and going down the slides. Although it seemed strange going with just the two of us, nonetheless, it was an amazing experience as it always is.iyengar

I love to play the role of an observer of people and their behaviors, especially when I venture outside of the Boulder Bubble. What I noticed at the Hot Springs was that many people seemed VERY unhealthy. I noticed many people having difficulty walking, many with skin problems, and many just not aging well. I saw people in their 50’s and 60’s look like they were in their 70’s and 80’s. I know the lure of the Hot Springs is therapeutic nature of the water. As I watched many seemingly unhealthy people make their way gingerly into the water, I felt good that they were taking a healthier step for themselves.

Upon further reflection, I thought, “what happens AFTER they get out of the pool?”

What lifestyle do they go back to?

What is their diet like?

What type of exercise is a staple in their life or they practice a sedentary lifestyle?

How focused are they on their mental approach to life?

What model of healthcare do they practice?

Is it a symptoms based approach or do they view health in  relation to how their body functions?

Is this as good as it gets, or do they participate in a more proactive lifestyle?

How about you? What do YOU do when you get out of the pool?

What are the cornerstones of your health regimen?

Is your health defined by how you feel, or by how you function?

Is your healthcare balanced by proper nutrition, exercise, adequate rest, a positive mental attitude, and chiropractic care to allow your Nervous System to allow you to be the best you can be? So much of the research I have done shows there is a high correlation between the successful steps you take to optimize your health in your 30’s and 40’s, and how your health is in your 60’s and 70’s. Once you get there, there is no turning back the hands of time.

In an interview in the Iyengar Yoga Journal before he passed, yoga icon and then 92 year old BKS Iyengar speaks about the hands of time: “You may have no problems at all up to the age of fifty or sixty. After that, the real problem arises when the tissues of the body do not bear the load. What I practise now is more difficult than what I did when I was young or struggled to learn. Though today, I don’t consider those practices as very hard although I practised ten hours a day then. Today, it is a big fight between the body and the mind. The body says, “I can’t do it.” The mind says, “Do not force me.”1

My advice is to take the proper steps towards investing in your healthy future while there is still time!

1 http://iyi.org.uk/bks-iyengar-on-yoga-practice-and-ageing/

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