Are you Habits Constructive or Destructive?

Every so often, while adjusting patients, I will glance out the window and admire the beauty of the Flatirons and the Foothills just beyond my office. It seems that every time I look out the window around 10:30, I catch a scene right out of “Groundhog Day.”

A middle aged man walks through the parking lot every day carrying a backpack. It seems innocent enough. A man strolling out of the parking lot, getting his morning exercise. He returns about 45 minutes later. What piqued my interest is that every time he passes right across my field of view, he lights up a large cigar, and I mean large!

So it got me thinking of his daily habit. Walking every day with a backpack – Constructive. Lighting up a large stogie every day – Destructive.

What about your habits? Are they constructive or destructive?good-habits-list2

What is your morning routine like? Do you hit the snooze alarm a few times, then amble out of bed, going through your typical routine, and let momentum take you out the door into the beginning of your day? Or do you have a routine that activates you, prepares you, and excites you to start your day?

How about your eating habits? Are they constructive or destructive? Do you eat meals that support your energy throughout the day, or does your diet contribute to your afternoon blues? Do you spend time learning about healthier ways to shop, cook, and eat, or do you take the path of least resistance, and eat most of your meals out, or to go?

What about your exercise habits? Do you have a plan to succeed, constructive habits, whether it is improving your cardio conditioning, strength training, or flexibility? Or do you default to more destructive habits, without a clear fitness plan and more couch time that gym time?

Take a look at your evening habits. After a long, exhausting day at work, do you have habits that keep your mind and body working through the evening, or do you wind down and stare at a screen for your remaining hours before going to sleep?

Lastly, how would you rate your spinal health habits? If you are presently under chiropractic care, do you view your care constructively, where your continued commitment to chiropractic allows you to climb higher steps on the ladder of health, to maintain all the improvements you have made, or do you use chiropractic for palliative measures, in order to feel better if you hurt yourself or have an onset of pain?

Your life is filled with choices that you make every day  that create habits. A good question to ask yourself is, “Are my habits constructive or destructive?”

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