But what about my Low Back Pain?

Most people who make a decision to change the course of their health do so for a specific reason. Maybe it’s chronic neck pain, or possibly low back pain. It could be that their energy is low, preventing them from enjoying life the way they desire.LBP

I recently recalled a story that was shared many years ago by Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C., the creator of Network Spinal Analysis, yes, the same care you receive in my office. He described a middle aged male who sought care in his office for chronic lower back pain. Dr. Epstein adjusted him for several weeks, and then every visit or two, and he would check in with his patient and get a sense of how his life was changing.  Every time he would ask the question, his patient would answer with his arms crossed in front of him, “My back still hurts me. I haven’t noticed any improvement.” This went on visit after visit, and it was perplexing to Dr. Epstein. He was observing spinal improvements in the patient, and he wondered why the patient was not aware of any improvements.

One visit, the patient brought his young son to the office to accompany him. After he adjusted his patient, Dr. Epstein asked the son, “what have you noticed different about your daddy?” The boy answered, “Well, for one, Daddy is not hitting Mommy as much anymore.”

-What do your symptoms mean to you?

-Are you able to separate your physical pain from your emotional pain?

-As you heal physically, what improvements do you see emotionally or psychologically?

-Isn’t it great that the physical and emotional are connected?

-As a patient, are you so focused on the improvement of your symptoms that you lose perspective of what is improving about YOU?

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