Bunker Mentality? Is this what you are Choosing?

Innocent citizens shot to death by police officers. Innocent police officers shot to death by citizens. Political parties foaming from the mouth. Terrorist throughout the world. Our society has not been this polarized since the 1960’s, and for many people, the 60’s happened before they were born!bunker1

I recently read an article by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, D.C., who spoke about the stress that surrounds our society today, and the effect it can have on our emotional well-being.

With all the current stress and turmoil people in our community and communities everywhere are experiencing, what are your options to address the angst and dread you feel… and the illness that eventually ensues?

Do you adopt a “bunker mentality,” whereby you hunker down, pretend it doesn’t exist, and wait it out, or do you take action, and create a strategy that will allow you to rise above the noise and keep your focus so that you can live the life you deserve?

What does “bunker mentality” really mean? An example is that you can enter the medical realm and you will be prescribed drugs that will numb you to what you are feeling, create addictions and eventually destroy your health.  It is known that pharmaceutical sales spike when psychological stress escalates due to world events.


You can come to see me.  And in a natural, drugless way, your stress can dissipate, symptoms abate and your life improve. This week, I performed two reexams on patients who have recently begun their care. The greatest takeaway from each of these exams was my patients’ awareness of how their response to stress has improved. Better adaptability to stress, greater awareness of how stress affects them, and a better ability to regulate their response to stress were just a few of the improvements that they noticed, and were excited about.

The truth is, there is a definite shift in the equilibrium in our society. With shift comes chaos. When chaos arrives, will you have an optimally functioning Nervous System that has the ability to successfully adapt to stresses that may only get worse, or are you going to hunker down in your bunker, medicate yourself, to the point that it will numb you to what you are feeling, create addictions and eventually destroy your health?

It’s always great to have choices, especially when it comes to your most important asset, your health. Remember, you can have lots of “things” in your life, but they lose importance quickly when your health begins to suffer. You can choose a proactive path, set a goal of optimal health and take action, or you can wait until the stress reaches threshold level, reducing your choice to a reactive one.

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