Hyper vigilant or FREEDOM, what do you choose?

Last week, I attended the premier of “Life, Adjusted,” the story of Dr. Jay Komarek, a Boulder chiropractor, who’s focus for the last 40 years has been the spinal health of horsehumans and horses.

The movie was both powerful and touching, as it followed Dr. Komarek as he made his rounds from Oregon to Colorado to Florida to adjust horses. To say that the results were successful would be an underestimation. Some of the horses he adjusted were abused “rescue” horses, who found their way to Prasad Foundation in Oregon, dedicated to saving, rescuing and rehabilitating abused horses.

The point that Dr. Jay made over and over again is that horses, like humans, experience the stress and trauma of life. The result of significant traumas over the course of their life creates a hyper vigilant Nervous System, putting the horse in a constant state of fight or flight. A horse’s natural state is one of freedom, but when that horse cannot successfully adapt to the accumulated physical, emotional, and chemical stress of their life, their Nervous System goes into defense. They may kick, stay away from humans, be anti social, or not eat properly, and eventually their physical health declines.

Does this sound at all familiar? Oh yes, this is exactly what happens to humans! If your Nervous System has not been able to successfully adapt to the accumulated physical, emotional, and chemical stress over the course of your life, you may kick, stay away from human contact, be anti social, not eat properly, or any other emotional upset, and your physical  health certainly will decline. You may experience pain, illness, disease. So what do you do? Do you reach for the drug or medication to mask the symptoms, or do you seek help to correct the interference in your Nervous System, so that you can begin to correct the hyper vigilance that has been set up in your Nervous System over the course of your life, so that you can be FREE!

What does being free look like? Could it be:

-Not responding to stresses that in the past would trigger an emotional response?

-Dealing with relationships better?

-Being happier with yourself?

-Exhibiting less anger?

-Having more appreciation for others?

-Being less concerned about the small stuff?

-Feeling more confident in your life?

-Expressing more compassion for others?

-Living from love, rather than anger?

These, and many more freedoms, are available through the optimal functioning of a healthy Nervous System. So, if you are under care, I support you in your quest for FREEDOM. If you are not currently under care, what is the gain that is possible in making the shift from hyper vigilance to FREEDOM?

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