How much Baggage are you Carrying

When I worked in New York City years ago, I carried a large briefcase to all my appointments. I can remember at the end of the day the toll that physical stress took on my body. My back was sore, my neck was stiff, and my energy was very low.

What about the toll that the stresses of YOUR life take on you?emotional baggage

The other day, I was having a conversation with one of my patients about the progress they had been making. (For the purpose of anonymity, I will refer to my patient as “Pat.”) Pat then told me about some “conditions” that Pat had not told me about when Pat first started care.

What were those conditions?


-Feeling stressed out

-Attention problems, starting early in life in school, and continuing through the adulthood.

My experience has been that when people experience conditions such as the above at an early age, they are often associated with difficulty dealing with emotional traumas. I asked about any childhood traumas. YES, there was a significant emotional trauma that occurred when Pat was two. On a scale of 1-10, this was a 10. We began to connect the dots. What would happen if you had experienced a trauma that your Nervous System was not able to successfully adapt to? What kind of effect could that have on you, a day later, a year later, a decade later?

Now that Pat is receiving care in my office, Pat is starting to notice how the stresses Pat experienced have affected Pat’s life. Pat is now seeing the cause/effect relationship between trauma and health, how conditions are labeled, and stick for life. Pat is observing that things do not have to be that way. If you never develop the ability to successfully adapt to the emotion stress of your life, especially your childhood, you run the risk of being stuck with all that baggage!

Wouldn’t a healthier choice be to unload that baggage, so that you are free to express your health and life that way it was meant to be expressed?

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