The Worst Thing you Can do if you Run

I just viewed a timely article from Posture Pro, the developers of the posture diagnostic program I use in my practice.FHP

The article shows the effect of Forward Head Posture (FHP) on the quality and quality of running. Now that I am in my yearly training period for the Bolder Boulder, I put this information to the test. Although I feel my posture is normal, I was aware of my head going forward when I would tire and also going uphill.

What the article emphasizes is that as your head goes forward while running, the extra weight puts pressure on your upper back to arch, creating chronic neck and shoulder pain. It also forces your arms to wing and come across your body in a scissors action, as opposed to pumping up and down.It causes osteoarthritis, as well as additional wear and tear on your joints. This morning I went on a long run and noticed a definite improvement of the quality of my breath as well as less wear and tear on my hips and upper back.

Just think, if you are a runner, and you are running several miles a day several day a week for most of the year, what accumulated effect is that having on your neck muscles, your upper back muscles, your respiratory system, your heart, your hips, and your legs? Do you think that accumulated wear and tear will break down your joints, as well as increase muscle tension and pain?

If you have great posture, you may be able to make these adjustments. If you have Forward Head Posture (FHP), you may not be able to make the improvements on your own. If you are not currently a patient, I recommend getting in touch with me. Let’s take some pictures of you, find out what the stress of your FHP is, and let’s put a plan together to help you reduce this significant stress on your body, and preserve your body the best that you can. To read the entire article, done very nicely with color photos and easy to follow thought process, click here HERE


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