Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Fibromyalgia Oh My!

I enjoy sharing experiences that create a pronounced effect on my outlook on health and life. I hope they can light a spark in you and create a different level of thinking so that you can view and control your health and life in a more powerful way.


Old woman with Alzheimer

Last week, I had a conversation with a patient at her first progress exam. She told me about amazing health and life improvements that have occurred during the first month of her care. We whooped it up and it was an amazing moment. Then she started to tell me about some friends she would like to refer in for care.She spoke with concern about several friends, all in their 60’s who have developed Alzheimer’s. Her friends’ health have declined to a point where they cannot leave the house and their bodies are not able to function properly in a social setting. I observed that watching her friends suffer has created a heightened state of concern and fear. I felt her fear and understood her plight. Imagine your social circle beginning to erode due to the failing health of many of your friends, especially when they are  suffering from a debilitating degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s.

The discussion wound it’s way to my patient’s association with Alzheimer’s. Through our discussion, one theme was constant. Your Nervous System controls and coordinates every function and process in your body. Your consistent chiropractic care will help your Nervous System function at your BEST level possible. When your Nervous System is functioning at its best level possible, your body is able to HEAL itself at its best level possible. This has NOTHING to do with Alzheimer’s, but it has EVERYTHING to do with living life at your maximum level possible.

Earlier this week, I participated at a Corporate Health Fair. I have participated in this Health Fair for the last five or six years. Every year, I see people who are either still my patients or were my patients. Every year I see the same person, who used to be my patient. When this person first started seeing me they were experiencing the early stages of Parkinson’s. I remember this patient’s early reexams, where this patient spoke about health and life improvements such as greater flexibility and reduced muscle spasm. This person was a patient for about a year, and every year I see this person, I notice a drastic deterioration of physical capabilities and now speech ability. Rather than saying that chiropractic care can “cure” Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, I am stating that your Nervous System controls and coordinates EVERYTHING that happens in your body. A healthier Nervous System can only HELP you function better, heal better, and live a more productive life. I feel sad when I see people’s health and life declining. Everyone has a choice. If you have chosen chiropractic, I celebrate your choice! If you know others who can benefit from a healthier functioning Nervous System, please share with them.

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