I can Virtually Guarentee you Healthy Teeth and Gums!

One would say, “I love it when he lifts my left hip”, and the other would say, “I know, I can feel my body just releasing everything.” Then one would say, “How about when he touches here,” and the other would say, “Yes, that’s the best!”dentist

I have noticed when I work with dentists and dental hygienists, that they have very similar muscle tension patterns. That’s because they sit hunched over for very long periods, leaning over to the left (if they are right handed). Over a period of months, years, decades, what happens to them? Those muscles become tight, rigid, inflexible, and it turns to pain. What happens to them? Is it possible they become tight, rigid, inflexible, and they live a life of pain?

I am so thankful and proud that my two wonderful dentists have decided that “enough is enough,” and they do not want to live this way any more. They have decided that they want to live a healthier lifestyle, with less subluxations, and have a greater ability to adapt to and heal from their daily stresses. What a great decision they have made.

Getting back to my original statement, how can I virtually guarantee you healthy teeth and gums? I can say with 100% confidence, that when I go see my dentist who is functioning with a healthy Nervous System, and has a greater ability to adapt to his daily stresses, I KNOW he is providing a better service for me than a dentist who is subluxated, who has extreme muscles tension, and may be feeling tight, rigid, inflexible, and in pain. That’s who I want to help my teeth and gums be as healthy as possible.

My request to you is, the next time you see your dentist or hygienist, please give him or her my card, and tell them WHY they should be receiving chiropractic care. If it’s good enough for you, why isn’t it good enough for them?

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