Will you Miss it?

Last week, after one of my patients received her adjustment, we were scheduling her next visit. She said to me, “I’d like to come in Wednesday. Something big is happening and I DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

I stopped in my tracks said, “What do you mean?” She explained that she has been feeling big shifts regarding how she sees herself in her world, and how she is transforming towards the person she always knew she had the potential to become, and that she wants to come back transformatoinsoon because she didn’t want to miss it!

I felt the awareness she was grasping was crystal clear. As I went on with my day, I kept repeating that phrase, I DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS. Throughout my day, I wondered how many of my patients and how many people outside of my office either are or are not witnessing their own transformation. What a great place to be. No judgments, no opinion, just gratitude, amazement, and full participation! Truly a healthy state to be.

THAT is health. Being able to fully participate in your own healing, evolution, and transformation in the present time. There is no running away, no defending, no sabotaging the process. It’s a magical moment!

I fully support you being conscious and participatory in your extraordinary healing process.

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