What’s your Vision?

This question may elicit two responses – the first, “What IS my vision?” or the second,

vision board1

“What is a vision?”

Simply put, a vision is a way of communicating your goals. Why is it important to understand your goals? Interestingly enough, on a business level, according to a recent study in the Harvard Business Review, up to 70 percent of employees do not understand their company’s strategy. Failure to understand your company’s position can lead to poor decision making at all levels of an organization.

How about you? How will lack of vision affect YOUR life’s decision making?

During my recent vacation, my wife Shari suggested that our family make vision boards. So we got out our scissors, magazines, and glue sticks and went to work finding words, phrases, and pictures that represent our vision.

It was a fun family project, and we made presentations to each other to explain what everything meant and why we chose it. I brought my Vision Board into the office so that I can see it every day, and allow these thoughts and feelings to morph into a vision, then into reality.

Getting back to my original questions, if you are wondering what your vision is, this may be a great time to create your own vision board. In terms of the second question, what is a vision, I hope I have helped answer that. A vision board can always be changed when your direction changes in your life. I like to think of it as a roadmap to help guide me from where I am in the dreaming phase to where I want to be in the living phase.

My vision board is sitting against the wall near my reception desk. You are invited to visit it. I am excited to hear about your visions, and what steps you are taking to create them. (By the way, that picture is not my board!)


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