3 Easy Ways to Live Better this Year

Happy New Year! This year, what do you say we all skip the New Year’snew years resolutions resolution? About half of Americans make them, and most start out strong but come February or March, many have already thrown in the towel.

Overall, it’s estimated that 92 percent of Americans fail to achieve the goals they commit to on New Year’s Day.1  And so, I’m proposing this instead: in place of a New Year’s resolution, make a commitment to simply live better this year.

This is an ongoing process, a lifestyle change, not an impulsive resolution that you blurted out at midnight and have all but forgotten by morning. It’s also not something you can achieve overnight. Rather, this is a plan you can live by.

Here are 3 tips to live better this year

  • Repetition is the key. There are many views on “it takes 21 days to form a habit. I did the research and that’s not actually the case. Research shows that it takes a MINIMUM of 21 days to form a new habit. Here is the link to an article from Dr. Maxwell Maltz, who observations many of the “21 day” habit forming ideas came from.2
  • Wake up early. Many studies show a relationship between waking early and success in different areas of life. 3 Just think of what you can accomplish if you wake earlier than everyone else. Planning, reading, strategizing, exercising, busy work out of the way, and more! Personally, I am 2 days into my new habit of waking early. I am up at 5:30, and at 5:45 I am out for a 30 minute brisk walk. It’s been quiet, allowing me the opportunity to plan my day, my week, to get my heart rate up, and to begin my day excited and ready! No distractions for me.
  • Pick fun goals you would like to accomplish. What gets you excited? Exercise, dance, looking thinner, being more stimulated by exercising your mind, eating more simply, being involved with community? Your possibilities are endless—How about taking a new class, eating more protein, joining a book club, making amazing smoothies, volunteering with your favorite organization? They are all easy to do, pick ONE and go for it!

Maybe all it takes is waking early and doing something that will make a difference with you for at least 21 days.

I care about you and would love for you to share your goals with me. Let’s make it fun. 2016 is all about fun!

One thought on “3 Easy Ways to Live Better this Year

  1. One of my goals this year is to have less imprint on the environment. Using cloth napkins, reusable snack bags and buying less packaged products are a few ideas. I am also going to try to make one beauty or cleaning product and see how that goes.

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