Are you living, or are you dying?

Are you living or dying?Living

Your first indication may be to say, “of course I’m living, I’m here, aren’t I.”

Actually, from the moment you are born, you can say that you are a day or a week or a year closer to death.

Why do I bring this up? From my perch in my adjusting room, I have a clear view of the cars in my parking lot. I observed that one of the tenants, who is in the “Dying Business”, always has new cars, and cycles through these every few years. I thought, “There’s a lot of money in the dying business.”

Think about how cost is no object surrounding death. A funeral is not the time to squawk about whether you can afford it. Medicare spends nearly 30 percent of its budget on beneficiaries in their final year of life. Slightly more than half of Medicare dollars are spent on patients who die within two months.[i]

It seems that society has the “dying business” all covered. What about the “living business?” That’s the business I’d rather be focusing my time, energy, and money! So, how do you maximize yourself in the “living business”? After all, if we are dying from the day we are born, as we get older, are we moving closer to living or closer to dying?

Here’s your question of the day – What’s your most important asset? If you answered, YOUR HEALTH, then read on…

What steps are you taking to make sure you are closer to living than to dying?

What’s your diet like? Do you eat mostly vegetables, fruits, grains, or are you eating a majority of “dead food”, such as processed food from a bag or box?

What about your exercise? Studies show the healthiest people are doing some form of exercise three days a week? What’s your program?

What about sleep? Do you go to sleep easily? If not, what’s your ritual? Way back in the day, pre-chiropractic, I used to watch the 11:00 news and then go to bed. When I thought about why my sleep was not sound, I realized that watching 25 minutes of murder and death just to get to 5 minutes of sports was not good decision making on my part.

What about your attitude? Jimmy Valvano, the late, great basketball coach of NC State, in his famous ESPY speech, said, “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”

I take every opportunity to laugh often during my day. If I’m not laughing at least 10 times during my day, I haven’t had something special. If you’re not laughing as much as you’d like, please talk to me. It’s important to get you laughing again!

Lastly, and most importantly, if health is your most important asset, what controls health? It’s your NERVOUS SYSTEM. Your Nervous System controls and coordinates trillions of messages every second of your life, allowing the communication between your brain and body to function optimally. Subluxations are created when you are not able to successfully adapt to the stress of your life. If you are under chiropractic care, congratulations for taking care of your most important asset, your health. If not, what are you waiting for? Are you living or dying?


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