Wow, was I mistaken!

No eneryA few months ago, a patient was describing how much better she was feeling, and I asked her who else she knew who would like to experience the benefits of chiropractic care? She responded by saying, I don’t know anyone else who has lower back pain.”

Later that day I reflected that I had failed her. Why I failed her is because chiropractic care is not about eliminating lower back pain. You see, chiropractic is about unleashing the potential that resides inside each of us. What controls all of us? Our Nervous System! Our Nervous System is responsible for EVERY movement, every function, every action, every thought, and every emotion. TRILLION of messages, every second of your life, from your body to your brain and back from your brain to your body!

So who can chiropractic care help?

  • Your best friend who is dependent on pain killers.
  • Your brother who has no energy and is becoming more depressed every day.
  • Your spouse who is angry and drinks to escape.
  • Your mother who is developing arthritis, and it is affecting her ability to even open a jar.
  • Your friend who has digestive problems, and eats TUMS like they’re candy. (BTW, very bad for you!)
  • Your daughter who is sick all the time, and has missed weeks of school this year, and is falling behind on her work, and is freaking out about it.
  • Your friend’s son who has been diagnosed with ADHD, and cannot focus in school or on homework.
  • Your boss who has problems falling asleep, and cannot go back to sleep after waking up.
  • Your friend’s child who has asthma, and cannot play on your child’s soccer team.
And, yes, chiropractic can also help your friends and family with headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain.

Yes, chiropractic can help EVERYONE!

Frankly, I NEED your help!

You know these people who are not living life at an OPTIMAL level.

You can give them the direction they are looking for!

So, with Spring officially SPRUNG, and April around the corner, I have declared April to be “No Excuses Month”!

In April, I will be lowering the barriers to allow your friends and family to be checked for subluxations for FREE!

Like I said, there is NO EXCUSE!

Please help me help others in need!

I will be forever thankful to you!

If you know someone you would like to help, send them to my website video, send them my Google reviews.

Take a stand for THEM!

Let them know there is an answer for them!

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