What am I going to “catch” this year?

There has been so much talk this month about people getting the flu, kids insickwoman
masses being home, sick from school, and large groups of people throughout Colorado and neighboring states being affected by a “mysterious virus”, human enterovirus 68. (1)

I thought this would be a good time to take a step back and write about why this happens, and how you can ensure that you are staying as healthy as possible. Many people think the answer comes in a bottle, or a shot, or in special foods you eat. It’s really much simpler than that.

Let’s start with your Nervous System, that IS why you’re here receiving care, isn’t it? Your Nervous System controls EVERYTHING that happens in that wonderful, marvelous body of yours. Every movement, motion, emotion, function, and thought is controlled by your Nervous System. Now, what about your Immune System? Well, your Nervous System tells your Immune System to “kill those bad guys”, and your Immune System does its job. (2)

Now, what happens if your Nervous System is not functioning at 100%, meaning you have SUBLUXATIONS? Then, it would make sense that your Immune System would not work at 100%, and if your Immune System is not working at 100%, your chances of “getting sick” or “getting a virus” or “getting the flu” will increase.

When I was at chiropractic school, and we were in Histology Lab, we were doing throat cultures in class. EVERYONE had the strep virus in their throat, but yet NO ONE had strep throat! Why was that? Because everyone’s IMMUNE SYSTEM was working at a high enough level so that the strep virus did not sense an opportunity to create a mass invasion. Think about it… you and I have all these bacteria and viruses ALIVE in our bodies, but yet we are not constantly sick. You need to THANK your Nervous System and Immune System for a job well done in keeping you well. An easy way to look at it is that you have an entire defense team ready to attack foreign invaders. When your immunity is low, or the foreign invaders sense your defenses are down, they move in, in mass!

Getting back to how we are conditioned to reach for an easy answer when there is a hint of virus or flu in the news, here are your FAILSAFE measures to ensure you stay as healthy as possible and avoid being one of those who “get sick”.

  • Continue to receive chiropractic care! Not only will your Nervous System continue to work better, but your Immune System as well.
  • Get plenty of rest – If you are run down energetically, look at your sleep. Are you getting 6 hours, but need 8? Sleep is your body’s opportunity to recharge your batteries. Sooner or later, your body is going to let you know it has won.
  • Evaluate your diet – lots of processed foods, sodas, caffeine, and food from a box or bag? They’re all acidic, which toxifies your blood, and therefore every cell of your body. Focus on greens, fruits, seed and nuts, and PLENTY of water, and NOT from the tap.
  • Ease on down the road – Do you go, go, go, and then crash and burn? Can’t take your eyes off the computer screen before bed? Well, that doesn’t work. Research shows you need to transition off the blue light, and settle into a gentler rhythm. (3)
  • Anti bacterial soap? – Forget it! You have this amazing defense team on your side, your antibodies. They get stronger every time they go into battle. When you use antibacterial soap, you are telling your defense team they are not needed, you are telling them to take a nap. But when they are napping, that’s when the foreign invaders attack, and your defense team will be lazy and unresponsive. Let you defense team stay lean and mean. They are working all the time, without you knowing it, killing ALL types of germs, bacteria, virus, and even STREP! Face it, you NEED to be exposed to all kinds of junk to keep your Immune System working at its peak potential.

Follow these steps towards greater health, and let me know how you’re doing. I am confident you will rise above the fear and uncertainty of bacteria, viruses, and flus. I am your greatest cheerleader, and remember, I’m always cheering for you.


2. http://www.answers.com/Q/How_does_the_nervous_system_and_the_immune_system_work_together

3. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/10/really-using-a-computer-before-bed-can-disrupt-sleep/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0




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