Discover the secret to having the health you want

secretsMany people search their entire life to find the health they desire, while others live healthy lives effortlessly.

What are the secrets to having the health you want?

My experience has revealed several “musts” for attaining optimal health

The first “must”?

You must listen to your body’s warning signs! Every time you go for a run, your lower back hurts. So when you finish, in pain, you reach for the Advil to make that pain go away. Or you go for a massage to get rid of the pain.

Your body’s only language is PAIN! When you feel pain, especially when pain comes on after performing a specific task, your body is speaking to you. You have choices. You can either ignore it, do something to eliminate it, or recognize why your body is sending you these warning signs. Once you decide to recognize WHY your body is speaking to you, you can then choose to stop doing what your body does not want you to do or modify what you are doing until your body begins to work better and more efficiently.

The second “must”?

You must understand that your healing is a process. My observation of society is that we are a “I must have this now” mentality. I must have this phone now, I must have this car now, I must have this problem go away now. While the first two requests may be controllable, telling your problems to go away may not always be effective. Losing 30 pounds, if done correctly, takes months. Learning a new language, can take from months to years. Why is it reasonable to think that a lifetime of headaches will go away in a week? Once you understand that your scales of health have been out of balance for many years, you can develop the patience to witness the day by day health improvements that you are capable of experiencing.

The third “must”?

You must be open to understanding a new paradigm for measuring your health. We have been taught from a very early age that pain, discomfort, illness, or disease equals unhealthy. What about if any of these warning signs are not accompanying bad health? For example, studies show that 60% of people who experience a fatal heart attack have no prior warning signs. Their first warning sign is death. While earlier I wrote about the need to recognize the purpose of warning signs, they do not always indicate an unhealthy situation. Your Nervous System, your brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves, are the most important part of you! When your Nervous System cannot properly adapt to the accumulated physical, emotional, and chemical stresses of your life, you develop problems called subluxations. Subluxations, if not corrected, have the ability to destroy your health. Why? Because, just like the garden hose that has been choked off to prevent water from reaching the flowers, subluxations in your Nervous System prevent vital communication from your body to your brain and back again.

Once you develop a new paradigm for understanding how your body communicates with you, when it is happy and when it is not, you can be in charge of your health. What an empowering way to live your life.

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