3 common mistakes we all make about our health 

While I consider myself very healthy, I had an experience Sunday which made

pain me think differently about my health. OK, so I fell out of a tree while climbing with my daughter. I fell on my shoulder, and injured it badly.

What did I realize from that?

#1 – I take my optimal health for granted. Although I worked extremely hard at regaining my health earlier in my life and now work extremely smart at maintaining my optimal health, I can also take it for granted. Once this accident happened, all my focus went to my shoulder and the fact that there is extreme pain in my shoulder.

Lesson learnedNEVER take good health for granted. Celebrate it, cherish it, honor it, because all you need is a fall from a tree to bring you back to Earth.

#2 – I forgot what pain felt like. Although pain is not an indicator of overall health, its warning signs are the one “call to action” that many people will finally listen to.

Lesson learned – it saddens me as a human being, and frustrates me as a practitioner that there are so many people out there who hear the warning signs and either do not know what to do about it, or refuse to do anything about it. Whether it is headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, energy loss, sleeping problems, depression, or anxiety, people NEED to listen to the warning signs.

#3 – This is not a place I wish to stay in for a very long time. I know that because of the years of chiropractic I have received and by the health of my Nervous System, that my body will heal itself much faster than it will if I had subluxations, or Nerve System interference.

Lesson learned – it is essential that all people, regardless of the state of their health, or levels of pain, be checked by a chiropractor for spinal subluxations.

That’s why, during the month of May, I am going “ALL IN!” This is the month I am asking you for my help. Think of all those friends and family who are suffering in their lives, not living up to their physical, emotional, and mental capabilities.

You can invite them in for their first 2 visits, AT NO CHARGE! That’s right, FREE. Not only can you invite them in for FREE, but for everyone you invite in, you will earn 1 FREE adjustment for YOU.

How can you help?

1 Give out my “2 for $20” cards to your friends and family. Be sure you take the ones that say “FREE” on the front.

2 Invite your friends and family to my next “5 Pillars of Health” talk. The next one is Monday, May 19, at 6:30.

3 Tell me about someone who you would like to be receiving care here. Sometimes a phone call from me can put their fear and apprehension to rest so they can focus on getting well.

In addition, I have created some great prizes I will be giving away! Some will be via a drawing, and some for those who have referred the most during the month of May.

It’s now officially springtime! Everyone getting outdoors and enjoying the best of Colorado. What a great time to help others in need. Are you with me to be that beacon of sunshine to your friend in need?


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