3 Simple ways to Improve your PMA

How is your PMA? Maybe a better question you are asking is, “What is aA-positive-attitude-is-important PMA”? Your PMA is your Positive Mental Attitude, and it is one of the foundation principles in my “Five Pillars of Health” presentation.

Your PMA is an integral component of how you show up everyday. It is with you all day long. It first appears when you wake up. Answer the question: When you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you do hit the snooze button? If it is, maybe you need to check your PMA.

Speaking of waking up, how DO you wake up? Are you alive, in love with yourself and the world around you, or do you drag yourself out of bed, into the shower, and out the door? Do you have the same daily habits, ones that do not support improving your PMA? I would suspect that those maximizing their PMA are thinking, creating, feeling, loving from the moment they awake. Take a moment to think about how you begin your day, and decide if that supports who you say you are.

The next aspect of PMA to uncover is communication. If you look closely at my communication, I do not ask someone, “How are you doing?”, or “How’s it going?” Why is that, you ask? If I ask that question, it opens the door to that person telling me all the negative things going on in their life, the gossip in their life, and the limitations in their life. Trust me, I’ve done the experiment. The more I present to that communication, the more it affects MY PMA. Now if someone wants to share that information with me, I want to be able to support them the best I can. I am not seeking negative information. Examples of the type of questions or statements I make are: “What’s good today”, “What’s good in your day”, “It’s great to see you”. I make these statements or ask these questions because I want to know what IS good in their day. I say “It’s great to see you”, because I mean it. It’s really great to see you! I love seeing members of my practice or my friends, and that’s what I want to share with them. Spend a few minutes evaluating your communication. It may reveal aspects about you and your PMA that you want to shift.

As you live your day more aware of your PMA, you may begin to socialize with different people at home or at work, eat different foods, or even modify how you spend your free time. You are free to do as you wish. What a great opportunity to paint a new canvas, and put energy into improving your PMA.

The third area you may wish to examine is how you end your day. I remember my pre-chiropractic days, when I was living and working in NYC. My routine was to lie in bed, watching the 11:00 News. 25 minutes of crime and murder, just to get to the 5 minutes of sports. When I finally put 2 and 2 together, I realized I was going to sleep in a foul mood and waking up in a foul mood. Soon after, I stopped watching the News altogether. That was over 25 years ago, and I have not watched the News since. Evaluate what you watch, what you read. Does it support you and improving your PMA? If not, why continue? There are many uplifting ways to spend your time, even if you do want to watch television.

In closing, your PMA is an important barometer in evaluating YOU! Start slowly, ask different questions, change your habits, and watch your PMA go through the roof!

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