Are you a 90%’er?

nervous system

Many people come to see me because their lives are being affected by a variety of health challenges. It could be headaches and migraines, neck tension and pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain and tightness, digestive pain, leg pain, and more.

Do you recognize what is the common element among all these health challenges? That’s right, PAIN!

That makes so much sense. You do something to upset our body, and your body gets mad at you by creating pain. When you cannot deal with this any longer, you may take action. Drugs will cover up the pain, and when that does not work any longer, you call me.

Now that we understand the premise, let’s take a look at the function of your Nervous System. Your Nervous System is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in your body. It is in charge of:

-Organ function

-Body motion


-Mental state of mind

-Function, voluntary and involuntary

-Processes, such as circulatory, hormonal, excretory, digestive, and respiratory

Oh yes, it’s also responsible for PAIN, or how you FEEL!

But if we look at the percentage of your Nervous System that is responsible for pain vs. the percentage that is not involved with pain, approximately only 10% of your Nervous System can perceive pain. Example, your liver does not experience pain, unless it is literally dying. Same with your kidneys, lungs, thyroid, spleen, and heart. Your circulatory system does not exhibit pain, nor does your hormonal system, your immune or your respiratory system.

Why is this important? The answer is, that if you are so focused on the 10% of your Nervous System that is exhibiting pain, WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 90%?

I’ll say it again. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 90%?

My job, as a chiropractor, is to identify and correct the subluxations in your Nervous System, so that 100% of you can function better. What am I concerned with? I am concerned about your 100%. When your Nervous System is free from subluxations, and your body is functioning at an optimal level, 100% of you is working better. Your motion is better, your emotional and mental states are improved, your organs, heart, liver, kidneys, thyroid, and stomach, your voluntary and involuntary functions are better, and your systems, your circulatory, digestive, respiratory, hormonal, immune, and excretory systems are improved.

If you start your care, and your pain goes away, that’s great! We have completed 10% of our work together. Now, WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 90%?

So, the question to ask yourself, are you a 10%’er, or a 90%’er? The 10% is the easy part. My goal is to help you improve the way your Nervous System functions, and simple math says 90% plus 10% = 100%.

I look forward to working with you on improving 100% of you. Thanks again for reading, and if you or those you know and care for are not functioning at or near 100%, please give me a call.


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