My weekend with chemical stress

Toxic-300x249I spend my professional life talking to my patients about how accumulated physical, emotional, and chemical stress creates subluxations, an interference in your Nervous System, that blocks the vital communication from your body to brain, that will affect your ability to function at your optimal ability. When you have heard this from me, you may have looked at your own life and seen examples of how those stresses have affected your Nervous System’s performance and thus reduced your ability to function at your best level possible.

I always enjoy looking at my own life experiences and see how they reinforce my professional values. This past weekend was a great example of “the proof being in the pudding.” On Friday, I had a decaying wisdom tooth extracted. As an aside, I have chronicled my compliments to the dental industry for the amazing education they have undertaken to remind us how to maintain the ongoing health of our teeth. My lifelong professional goal is to help chiropractic do an even better job. (see my blog for this article)

My tooth was extracted around noon, and I went home with my Arnica. What I noticed the rest of the afternoon was that I was very tired and moody. It wasn’t the act of removing the tooth, but I really felt the effects of the local anesthesia. During the evening, I felt sleepy and sore.

Saturday morning I felt sluggish and unclear. OK, it probably did not help my recovery that I refereed four basketball games on Saturday. Fortunately for me, my Nervous System was able to adapt successfully to the chemical stress that I had experienced and I was able to referee six more basketball games on Sunday!

But I digress. Let’s get back to me feeling sluggish and unclear. To me, it felt like my Nervous System was getting an overload of chemical stress, and I was not able to successfully adapt to it.

What’s the point of the story? I began thinking about all the people I have met who live with years of chemical stress on their Nervous System. These people are taking aspirin, painkillers, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-acids, sleeping medication, muscle relaxors, digestive medication, steroids, blood pressure medication, anti-nausea medication, antibiotics, and the list goes on.

Then I thought about the effect on a Nervous System of someone taking these chemical stressors EVERY day, for YEARS. How can any Nervous System effectively adapt to this extreme stress and load? The answer is that IT CANNOT. The result of this excessive chemical stress on your body will result in the creation of subluxations, the interference in the vital communication pathway between your body and your brain, leading to a reduction in the expression in YOUR life! I imagined feeling the way I did for one day and having that be the way I felt my whole life. Whether it’s feeling empty, dull, listless, on edge, moody, depressed, numb, frantic, anxious, or unclear, who wants to feel that way if there is a better way?

What’s the answer? If you or anyone you know is bombarding their delicate Nervous System with a continual physical, emotional, and/or chemical stress, they NEED to have their Nervous System checked for subluxations.

What a great time to think about someone you know and care for.

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