Why do you come here?

Why do you come hereFrom time to time, I have asked members of my practice, “Why do you come here?” Their answers provide insight to their health paradigms as well as show me how well a job I have or have not done to properly educate them on what chiropractic actually does.


Typically, the answers I receive are:

“To help my back pain.”

“So my neck can feel better.”

“To get rid of my headaches.”

When I ask them, “now that your neck feels better, why do you continue to come”, the answers I typically receive are, “so that the problem does not return”, or similar to that.

I commend those of you who have adapted this responsible way of owning your health. While it is exciting that those many members of my practice do not wish to go back to the way things were when things were not so rosy, I realize there is a whole new level of understanding that needs to be addressed.

You see, THE most important part of YOU is your Nervous System. Your Nervous System controls and coordinates EVERY part of you.

It controls every action, meaning the movement of ALL your muscles.

It controls every system in your body, your circulatory, digestive, respiratory, excretory, and hormonal system.

It controls every thought and emotion.

It controls EVERYTHING!

Without your Nervous System, which consists of your brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves, you could not function.

Imagine being a runner, rock climber, gymnast, hiker, basketball player, a jewelry maker, or someone who sits at a computer all day, and having suboptimal nerve flow from your muscles to your brain and back again. Could your muscles function at their best if there was nerve interference, or subluxations present in your Nervous System? Some may think so, but science would say no.

How about someone who is subluxated and it is resulting in reduced oxygen to their lungs. Is it possible that this person can develop asthma?

How about the person with nerve interference, and they experience a significant level of emotional stress. Do you think that this person will have a hard time dealing with that stress, and it could potentially result in additional problems, anxiety, depression, tension, pain? Or could it affect their heart, or immune system?

You see, when there are subluxations in your spine, resulting from an inability of your Nervous System to successfully adapt to your physical and emotional stress, affecting the vital flow of information between your brain and body, the results can life altering!




Loss of energy

Sleeping problems



Loss of flexibility



Heart problems

Digestive issues

Hormonal instability

Cold extremities

and the list goes on…

What’s the lesson here for me? I need to do a better job of communicating with you that the reason I am here is to make sure that YOUR Nervous System is working the best it can, to help you be the BEST you can be.

What’s the lesson for you? That maybe you are here for different reasons than you thought. Maybe it’s more than eliminating your health issues, and making sure they do not return. Maybe having a healthy Nervous System is really the BEST gift you can give yourself.

If you feel that you would like to discuss any of this with me, please let me know! It will bring a smile to my face. If you felt this was important to you, and those you know and care for, please forward this to them. It’s all about making our lives the BEST they can be.





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