My Birthday Wish


I recently celebrated my birthday and am proud to say that I am 56 years young! Many people that meet me think that I am much younger than I am, and I usually respond, “Imagine how much younger you’d think I was if I had hair!”

But I digress…

Here’s my birthday wish —

I wish that everyone that reads this would commit to receiving Network care this year. If you are not receiving care, NOW is the time to RESUME. If you currently receive care, COMMIT to continuing to receive care this year! Why you ask?

*      Feel better– what a thrill it is for me to have members of my practice tell me everyday how great they feel

*      Improved function – recently a member who I had not seen in a few years resumed her care because her blood pressure was extremely high. After a few weeks, her blood pressure was more normalized! Better function is a better YOU

*      More relaxed in life – who would NOT want this?

*      Deal with stress better – does more need to be said?

*     More energy – get more done in less time with less stress

*     Better sleep patterns – the quality of your sleep is a barometer to how you greet the world

*     Happier YOU – you deserve the best, for you and for those who rely on you

Members often ask me, “When am I done”? That’s a good question, and the way I approach it is the same way that I approach other components in my wellness program.

—–Meet my Wellness Team—–

I just got a great checkup with my wonderful dentist, Dr. Ken Mickens. All that regular flossing and cleaning with my electric toothbrush has paid off. Do I now stop doing all those activities because I just got a great checkup?

I feel so great every Friday because I hike Mt. Sanitas. I’ve been doing that for years. Should I be thinking about powering down and spend my Friday mornings at the coffee shop instead?

I’ve been doing Ken Ken everyday for a few months and it’s really keeping my math brain sharp. After next week, should I go back to surfing yahoo news in the morning?

I am so fortunate to have my mid afternoon breaks. For years, I go over to the YMCA several times a week. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work on my core using BOSU balls. I keep finding more challenging exercises to do. Now that my core is stronger than ever, should I let my core go?

I recently started volunteering at the Humane Society, walking dogs with my daughter Jenna. I feel so happy taking these dogs out, and sharing this special time with Jenna. I’m thinking that after 3 or 4 months I should have stored enough happiness to last a while, right?

I get my Network adjustment every week, but I have been doing that for fifteen years. Should I think about letting that go because enough is enough?

An often forgotten player on my Wellness Team? Laughter— I try to laugh as much as possible, watch senseless movies like “Airplane” that make me laugh, and making silly faces that my wife Shari still laughs at after 30 years.

I think you get the picture by now. My personal goal is to optimize my body’s function, my health, and my life and continue to master my ability to adapt to my daily stresses. The reality of our lives is that we are continually exposed to stress after stress, whether it is physical or emotional. It is critical to continue to develop these tools that you will need the rest of your life.

I have many members of my practice that have been with me for 1 year, some for 2 years or more, and a few for over 10 years! The ones who have been with me the longest are the ones who never talk about symptoms; they’re the ones with the smiles on their faces, who have made successful decisions about their health and wellness.

It is my professional opinion that the best way to optimize your function, health, and life is to find something, or many things that work, and KEEP DOING THEM!

It’s the only way I know.

My birthday wish is for me to be on your Wellness Team for years to come and for you to live your life in optimal health and happiness!


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish

  1. Hi Marc.

    Your life path is a sweet inspiration! Thank you for the magic you share with our community!


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