Are you settling, rather than setting?

Are you settling, rather than setting?Image

It certainly seems that as a society, we have been conditioned to setting goals for the New Year. Personally, I find the end of year down time to be a perfect time to reflect on my past year and plan my next one.

Regardless of whether your goals are focused on health, wealth, or wisdom, here are some guidelines to follow, courtesy of Brian Tracy:

1                    Decide exactly what you want.

2                    Write down exactly what you want in detail.

3                    Set a deadline for achieving your goals.

4                    Make a list of everything you need to achieve your goal.

5                    Organize your list into a plan.

6                    Take action on your plan – create priorities

7                    Do something every day towards achieving your goal.

Everywhere I look, I see articles and advertisements relating to improving health goals. The print screams at us, indicating ways to “be healthier”. What exactly do they mean? If it is feeling better, that can be accomplished by taking a pill or medication. Will that have a long lasting effect on your overall health? If you’ve been reading any of my posts, you will agree, probably not.

What would a definition of improved health be? Well, for starters, how about optimizing the function of EVERY organ, muscle, and cell in your body! Your improved nervous system will control the function of every organ, muscle, and cell. Let’s add to that. How about improving the way you ADAPT to your everyday physical and emotional stress of your life? Your Network care will help your develop those vital strategies that will result in a better ability to adapt to stress. Let’s put a cherry on top of that sundae – Developing the critical tools to change life long adaptation patterns from one of surviving to one of THRIVING!

MY goal for everyone I care for this year is to help your refine each of those three goals:

1                    Optimize the function of your organs, muscles, and cells

2                    Improve your ability to adapt to everyday physical and emotional stress

3                    Transform from a pattern of surviving to one of thriving.

I have been busy creating my 7 step approach of how I can help improve your health and life. As far as the feeling good part, that’s the easy part. This year, let’s look beyond that and start thinking BIG. I look forward to being a part of your New Year health goals, in addition to those who you know and care for. This year is the MOST critical for being the BEST you can be!

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