Who’s on YOUR Wellness Team?

As you progress through your care in the office, you begin to develop the critical higher brain strategies to more effectively adapt to the stress of your life. The development of higher levels of functionality, and the quality of life enhancements that accompany it may bring about internal discussions about where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.
Often I have observed that once practice members get to a place where their symptoms have dissipated or been eliminated, internal dialog begins to take place. Those conversations may sound something like this, “Hey, I’m starting to feel real good, in fact, I haven’t felt this good in, well, I can’t remember when I felt this good. I guess I’m done. I’m going to do yoga”.
Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga! The point I am trying to make is that your quest of regaining your health is a process. How far along the process are you? How far do you want to go? When will your health reach its peak performance? Will you be able to maintain that optimal level on your own?
As I have mentioned in my previous blog, there is a difference between feeling and function. Isn’t it funny that our society puts so much emphasis on feeling goodWouldn’t it be great if your goal was to optimize your function? It would make sense that the “feeling good” part would take care of itself.
Ultimately, you will decide how long you wish to receive care, what level of wellness you want to aspire to, and what responsibility you have to achieve those goals. I have witnessed countless members of my practice who have signed on to “go the distance”. When I see those individuals week after week entering the office with a smile on their face, it warms my heart that they have chosen to include me on their wellness team.
Who else is on your wellness team, and what criteria do you use to create your team? Do you need to bring in all the players, or can you be a player/coach? On my wellness team, I take on several roles. I am a player/coach and I also have drafted some very important teammates. I have my dental floss, which I use daily, and I have studied hard about what foods I put in my mouth. I have a regimen for exercise, and a plan for staying on target. I receive my regular Network adjustments as well as massage. I belong to a Men’s Group for emotional support and camaraderie and make it a point to laugh as often as possible.
With all that I have added to my wellness team, am I functioning at an optimal level? Most times yes, sometimes no. That’s just the ebb and flow of life. When I feel I am at an optimal level, would I eliminate any part of my team? NEVER!
I firmly believe it is much easier and a lot MORE FUN to MAINTAIN great health than it is to REGAIN it! You have sacrificed so much to be able to REGAIN your health. Why would you want to be in a position to NOT be able to MAINTAIN it?
I support you in your quest to being the best you can be and for taking the vital steps towards optimizing your body’s function. Thank you so much for drafting me to be on your Wellness Team. Although the season may be a long one, I will do all I can to see that we have the most successful season possible. I guarantee that it will be worth your time, energy, and money.
Yours in health and life,
Dr. Marc Wind, D.C.

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