Your Immune System and You


Over the last few weeks, several new members of my practice have commented to me that their immune systems are becoming more compromised. Here are a few of my insights regarding germs, immunity, and your health.

Louis Pasteur, the developer of the “germ theory”, believed that illness or disease can strike anyone who came in contact with someone who exhibited qualities of that illness or disease. A contemporary, Bechamp, professed the “cellular theory”, which states that illness or disease is built by unhealthy conditions. In Hans Selye’s book “Stress of Life”, on page 205, an account is recorded that Pasteur, admitted he was wrong. According to several authority sites, Pasteur agreed with Claude Bernard, who studied under Bechamp, that it is not the germ, or “seed”, but the “terrain”, that determines whether someone gets ill or diseased.

How does this affect you? We have all heard familiar stories, such as, “I got this cold from my son Johnny, who brought it home from school”. Sounds believable, but if it makes sense to you that it’s not the seed, but the soil that determines whether you get sick or not, then we can surmise that Johnny, the “seed”, did not give you the flu. So then, how did you get it?

Your nervous system controls and coordinates EVERY function, action, motion, and emotion in your body. This delicate network of your brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves HAS to be functioning at its OPTIMAL level for you to be at your BEST. Your immune system is directly connected to your nervous system.

In a study at the University of California, San Francisco, signals from the nervous system were shown to influence immune system function.

The impact for you is that the better your nervous system is functioning, the better your immune system will support you. I have witnessed hundreds of members of my practice over the years who have transformed from being the ones who “caught everything”, to experiencing optimal health and no longer “catching the flu”. Does it happen overnight? Every process requires time, and regaining your health is no different. Once your body learns to better adapt to the stress and tension you have stored over the course of your life, better health is a natural outcome.

What other factors improve immune system function? Proper sleep, balanced nutrition, such as veggies, fruits, and grains, abundance of water, exercise, and a positive mental attitude, are just a few factors that can help improve immune system function.

What factors can compromise your immune system function? Processed foods, dehydration, alcohol, tobacco, and even medication can damage immune system function. Researchers found that certain people taking antibiotics had reduced levels of cytokines — the hormone messengers of the immune system. Even something as “benign” as antibacterial soaps can damage immune system function!  At the AMA annual meeting in 2000, Myron Genel, chair of the AMA Council on Scientific Affairs and a Yale University pediatrician, said, “There’s no evidence that they do any good and there’s reason to suspect that they could contribute to a problem” by helping to create antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Then there’s the flu shot. You can find articles that the flu shot prevents the flu, causes the flu, and even contributes to Alzheimer’s. Rather than persuade you to take a stance, I just ask, “Why would you need a flu shot? Improve your nervous system and immune system function and the flu shot becomes a no-brainer. The good news is that YOU are on your way to developing better tools to effectively adapt to your life’s stresses and tension. As a result, YOUR nervous system is working better all the time, and if your nervous system is optimal, your immune system will also be. I am looking forward to the day that you say, “Colds, flu, bring it on! I’ve got the tools to beat that!

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