Network Care and Memories, Stories, and Emotions

When you start Network Care, your body goes through tremendous changes as it re-establishes connections with the brain. Often we’re managing pain, or emotional suffering, or both. As the body begins to unravel its spooled, stagnant energy, it sends signals to the brain in the form of memories (likable and unlikable), stories (“this is my bad hip.”), and emotions. It’s important to remember that as the stuck energy in the body loosens up, the memories, stories, and emotions change, too. What once may have seemed like a fixed rut of beliefs about your past, present, and future, begins to seem flexible and within your control.

Releasing the stuck energy around memories, stories, and emotions has profound effects. In the healing context, memories and stories give us the opportunity for greater health and flexibility, as well as a chance to forgive and take responsibility for how we’ve treated ourselves and allowed ourselves to be treated. Do we believe we just have to live with pain? Have we believed for too long that we are unworthy of love? Maybe we’ve lamented that we’ll never have enough? Many of us share stories like these, and Network Care helps us gain the energetic flexibility to break out of destructive thinking patterns that bind us to our current situation.

There is deep joy in reconnecting with the self that has been stuck in destructive patterns for too long. Network care resets our connections and gives us the chance to enjoy ourselves, and the changes we’re making on the way to wellness.

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