Philosophy, simplified.

When a person is exposed to stresses beyond the level to which they can adapt, the body responds to protect itself. The reptilian brain, whose main focus is survival, stalls some important functions in the body, such as digestion, to free up enough energy to respond to a fight or a flight; this means increased respiration and heart rate, and among other things, a re-routing of signals from the frontal cortex, the thinking brain, to the reptilian brain.

The body instinctually knows that if faced with a life-or-death situation, you don’t need to digest your lunch or think about the nature of this situation: you need to get out of it. The problem is that in modern life, our stresses can be too much to adapt to, but they aren’t life-or-death. Traffic, the news, money worries, poor diet, stressful family relations; all of these can activate the reptilian brain, thus decreasing access to the frontal cortex, where your compassion, love, logic, and personality live.

When these stresses are repeated, the body stores the extraneous energy. It’s that stored, or blocked, energy that forms the basis of disease.  Think about water, for example. When it is flowing, the water is aerated, clear, and nourishing to the plants and animals along the way. It’s water’s ability to flow around and clear obstacles that allows it to maintain its clarity. When it stagnates, it becomes cloudy, smelly, and a breeding ground for infectious organisms. The body’s energy is the same way.

The body is intrinsically capable of healing itself. It sends messages to the brain that communicate what it needs to heal: from basics like food, rest, and activity, to creativity, intellectual stimulation, and community. When blockages prevent those messages from being transmitted, the body goes without what is needed. The body can manage going without for so long, until symptoms appear. Remember the last time you fell asleep on your arm? With the blood flow constricted, your arm was unable to tell the brain that you needed to turn over.  The tingly numbness was what woke your body up to that fact. Symptoms of disease are the body’s means of signaling the need for a change.

This is where Network Care comes in. Dr. Wind’s objective is to balance the ability to adapt with the stresses of life, so that you can heal yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest capacity possible. Network Spinal Analysis finds the blockages of energy in the body, and works to free that energy so that the body can communicate with the brain and vice versa. That way, the body is able to restore its natural state of balance and self-healing.

In Network Care, the brain and body learn new strategies for dealing with stresses. Clearing energetic blocks from the nervous system gives it a new elasticity to adapt to stressful events. What the Reptilian brain once believed was a serious life-or-death problem, can now be perceived by other parts of the brain as what it really is: a traffic jam, the loss of a job, or a family disagreement. Being available to respond to events and people in your life gives you the confidence of being effective, worthy, and valued. That kind of self-esteem lives in the Frontal Cortex, one part of the brain that flourishes when given the energy that was once routed to survival.


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